5 key steps to successful relationship marketing strategy

marketing strategyThe explosion of the web and the advent of social media have increased the opportunities for interaction companies/clients. Exit the Multichannel new marketing strategies now speak of the Cross-Channel, an approach to more sophisticated customer orientation, which requires both a fundamental knowledge of customers, prospects, fans, followers and other … hand a Scripting channels there between.

Whether in b2c or b2b, relationship marketing takes a prominent place in the business plans of action … and because the return on investment can “let dreamer” many leaders, in fact, customers affected by several channels are 15-20% more efficient than others (Adetem / Accenture).

Marketing strategy

1) Formalize Relationship Marketing Plan (RMP) effective to guide operational activities and elements that will enable them to carry out

2) Leverage customer knowledge simply starting by bringing together all customer information in a single database

3) Optimize the management of multi channel campaigns by establishing indicators and metrics to pred behavior of future action

4) Improve the technical means and the processes establishment privileged relations with the IT team and carefully choosing the right tools

5) Leading Change to prepare the medium and long term through the deployment of a single customer view within the entire enterprise and the necessary adaptation strategies, resources, and processes for relationship marketing and cross-channel reliable and durable.

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