Advertising: A Tool to Increase the Demand for Your Product



Advertising is a form of communication to persuade the targeted audience to purchase a particular trade. This communication happens mainly through various forms of paid media such as television and radio commercials, bill boards, print ads, product placement etc.. Commercial business entities use advertising to increase the consumption of their product or service. The non-profit organizations may use ads to create an awareness among the people and to encourage a change in perception and behaviour. The main purpose of an advertising is to convince customers that their products or services are the best and point out its advantages in the daily life.

Advertisements are placed where advertisers believe that they will reach the most relevant and largest audience. when you advertise the product, you tell the targeted customers who you are, where you are and what your product can do for them. Advertisements help to build the image of your business, explain the advantages of your product, generate interest among your targeted customers and create awareness of new products. A successful advertising campaign helps to attract customers and generate sales. There are mainly 4 types of advertising: Product advertising, Corporate advertising, Direct response advertising,and Financial Advertising.

Product advertising communicates the benefits and features of a product to the targeted customers and prospects. The companies use this type of advertisements when they want to introduce new product and to inform the changes to existing products. Corporate advertising plays an important role in business to business marketing. The prospects evaluate the product as well as the company when they are choosing the product. Direct response advertising encourages audience to register their details mainly for a free gift, incentive offer, or special discount. Financial advertising can helps your company to raise awareness of your company among potential investors, advisers, shareholders and analysts.

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