How Big Data Help in Executing Marketing Campaigns

big-data-1667212_1920 (1)The term “big data” is certainly a new buzzword in the industry. Everyone, from age-old manufacturing firms to new-age tech companies to contemporary media, is talking about big data and some of them are already using it in one or the other way. Here, we are talking about big data and how it can be harnessed in executing great marketing campaigns.

So, what do you think? How are they related?

Thanks to modern day tech (and of course its deeper inculcation in every aspect of our life), all our actions are being logged in a huge bank of data. This enormous data, when analyzed properly, can become a gold mine for modern marketers who are in constant search for information about people’s preferences, their purchasing history, their calorie intake, the workout was done, exercise habits, sleep taken and almost everything that you can think of. The marketers can look into this data to know their customers’ habits, preferences, likes and dislikes, and that too in real time.

So, how exactly a marketer can leverage on this quantified picture of their customers? And how this will translate into revenue?

Well, this big data has to be used to develop marketing campaigns that hit the correct target audience in a correct manner.

There are several ways of doing that. Let’s talk about some of them:

Analyze user experience to boost digital marketing campaigns:

You must have experienced that at times, we click on ads, social media posts, online contests and reach to some website or landing pages of concerned ads. However, we generally back off from there. It is the goal of a marketer to turn this initial call into final action.

As an intelligent marketer, you need to first understand your customer/user. Data-driven marketing campaigns can help you a lot. For e.g. website heat maps can tell you where the audience is clicking or hovering over the most. This information can help you refine or redesign your landing pages. You can then analyze the effect of refinement and make further changes accordingly.

Improve content marketing:

How beneficial was a particular content or social media post at generating revenue? This question was unanswerable before big data came into the picture.

Now, marketers can distil the effectiveness of every single content piece. Tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps in finding relevant keywords and phrases that people search the most and this idea can be used to create next blog piece. Next, Google Analytics will tell you whether that blog idea turned fruitful or not. This helps marketers to hone their strategies and ideas around the content that resonate with their audience.

Create and define ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) in a better way:

In past, marketers could only guess the gender, age, work profile and demographics of their users/customers. However, with big data, you have vats of data to know your customers on a granular level. Besides the name, gender, age, and educational background, you can know which websites your customers visit often, which social media profiles they are active on and where do they click on a given website.

Having a strong customer profile helps in understanding the user base and tailoring the marketing efforts accordingly.

Get a competitive edge over your rivals:

 This humongous data can give marketers real-time information about where they rank among their customers. They can use it to outstrip competitor’s marketing initiatives.  For e.g. there are many social media analytics tools, which can help a marketer to know the no of tweets, likes, and followers of his rivals. You can know which keywords are helping your competitors to get their rank. With such information, you can modify your online marketing strategy in right manner.

With this, don’t think that big data will turn your losses into profits overnight or bring 10 times the current leads on your blog instantly. It is just the data that help you understand trends, validate claims and reduce human error. Ultimately, it is human mind, strategy and his decisions that will work wonders.

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