Changing tends in the field of marketing

Changing tends in the field of marketing


Marketing is becoming tougher and tougher day by day. Until a few years ago, it’s was all about identifying the demand and catering to the needs at the right time. However, customers expect a lot from organizations they deal with. Today, marketing is all about creating a whole new experience for the customer.

The first step in the process is to create awareness about the products or services that are intended to sell. Undoubtfully, this is the toughest part of business today. Until a few years ago, there were just a few news papers, handful of magazines, few TV and radio channels to reach the customers. Think, how things have changed today? Today, there are millions of websites, a slew of radio and television channels, thousands of Apps, DMPs, SDK’s and API’s. Today, you are forced to spend big amount on advertisement to reach your targeted audience. So, you need to be wise enough to evaluate the effect of each of these advertisement channels and pick the right one, at the right time.

Next step is to cater to the needs of the customer on time. The customers of this era are pretty confused when it comes to making their purchase decision. There are too many products that serve the same purpose and there are thousands of dealers who sell such products. Here comes the need of sensing the requirement of your customers to sell exactly what your customers need. Being a smart sales man, you need to effectively probe your customers to understand what he/she is looking for before a deal is proposed. Moreover, the customers of today have developed a habit of comparing the deals offered by different vendors in the market. They may promise to fix the deal with you. However, the very next moment you may find your customer at your competitor’s doorstep to check what they offer. So, the sales professional should be well aware of what his competitors offer to turn the demand into sales.

In our later posts, we will discuss about smart marketing strategies


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