Comparative Advertising – Still Used Extensively as a Marketing Strategy

This Strategy is still extensively used. Comparative advertising is a powerful marketing method in which a company shows how its product or service better than that of its competitors. This type of advertising is popular with companies releasing new products, as the focus of the ad will be how the new product is better than products already on the market. Comparative advertising can make direct references to competitor’s products or make indirect references through pointing out particular features of those products.

Comparative Advertising improves the product’s perception. Experts argue that comparative advertising focused on things such as price can increase short-term sales. To avoid misleading companies launching this type of ads need to ensure that it is accurate for at least the life of the campaign.

High promotion costs for the is a major disadvantage of this approach. The competitors whose products are put in a bad light generally respond by developing new advertising campaigns. Marketing experts say that comparative advertising has evolved over time. It has become a common technique used in political and social advertisements as well. Experts argue that companies using comparative advertising need to be careful as competitors are likely scrutinise the contents of the ad and launch legal action if it shows them in a substantially negative way.

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