Financial Management and Small Business Operations – Different Perspectives

Good Financial Management is one of the keys to success these days. It is important for everybody to establish methods for financial management. It is even more important for small businesses in today’s competitive market environment. Good financial management processes can help small businesses become more successful.

Businesses with good financial planning processes are able to foresee the expenses in the future and can plan beforehand for any financial need that may arise. These review processes also help in making operations lean, profitable and efficient. Whenever key financial considerations related to additional investment or enhancement come up during the life of a business small business owners can easily make decisions by looking at the various parameters that their financial systems provide.

Financial control processes help small business owners in other ways as well. It is important for any small business owner to know how much money needs to be locked in fixed assets. Good financial management systems help them with this. It also helps in maintaining an adequate level of working capital and setting profit enhancing sales goals. It can also help small business owners with tax planning and expense management.

Experts argue that small business owners need to undertake strategic financial planning for every three to four year periods. This plan needs to outline the objectives in the business plan and how financial and other resources can be managed to achieve those objectives. The plan also needs to include checkpoints and processes to be followed at those checkpoints.

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