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home economy

Home Economics is the art and science of home management or home making. The main objective is to educate the individual for family living. It is the field of study which deals with the economics and administration of the home and society. It also connects between individuals, families, communities and with the environment in which they live and grow. Home economics relates to the aspects of science, health and nutrition, diet and cooking, clothing and textiles, parenting, family, home administration skills, finance, interior decoration, personality and child care development. The management of resources available in a home is normally considered in home economics.

Home Economics provides an insight into our daily food diet, cooking methods of healthy and economical meals and the significance of good quality diet and well being in a family. The study offers fundamental skills that help us to lead successful lives as individuals as well as members of this wider society. The home economic studies intent to train the listeners for future service as dietitians, instructors, designers, caterers, home economics agents and educational managers.

There are variety of courses related to home management and economics. Some homemaking courses provide awareness about the care of the house, its appliances and furnishings. Home economic courses help to develop valuable skills that will be useful and relevant for the rest of their lives. Home economic courses for grown-up youngsters and for adults regard many aspects of home life not included in the basic homemaking skills. In this type of courses, they will be educated about various ideologies and techniques of financial accounting and are trained in consumer economics. The home management and its furnishings outlined a wide subject matter that includes home financing, purchasing and arrangement of furniture, interior decoration, and backdrop design.

The following posts will provide more details about the different areas of home economics.

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