Importance Of Account Planning In the World Of Marketing

Account planning

Advertising agencies generally gets their work divided into various sections or departments. Account planning is the process which brings in consumers when advertisements are being created. Account planners are also referred to as ‘left side of creative brain’. Their main duty is to understand the requirements of a consumer. The creative team then creates advertisements that are essential for the consumers and also makes an impact on the market. Since account planner is the closest to consumers, he gets to know about all kinds of trends that are currently being followed.

In olden days, account planners were dependent on traditional research techniques. But now they can use many ways such as social media to constantly in touch with the customers and the latest trends. According to Stanley politt, effective account planning always possess three attributes: 1.Instead of focusing on optimizing profits,agency management creates effective advertising. 2.Account planners are given more freedom than temporary roles. 3.Some of the basic ground rules are changed.

A good account planner has good logical skills. He/she accepts nothing at face value. Meanwhile they are open minded and also optimistic. Typical account planning process starts with obtain client believes and then conducting research. It results in insights which are taken to the creatives who present the created ideas to clients .Client response is then tracked and the process may continue in a cycle.

The research that is done can use any tools or methods to get insights. Surveys, observations, interviews, workshops etc. can be used in the primary stage. The secondary stage can utilize client data, information from various sites, social media etc. Many are seen using behavioural models for understanding consumer behaviour. History of advertising has always shown that creativity mostly goes hand in hand with common sense. Account planning always results in better researched advertising that conveys more relevant message. In short, it creates more effective advertising and strengthens creative product. It is always considered as a representation of consumer.

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