Nuclear Energy – Another Way to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Power Generation

Nuclear energy is generated in specially made nuclear reactors. While some energy experts believe that nuclear power should be categorized as a clean energy source because it doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gases others say that nuclear power shouldn’t be considered as a clean energy source because of the problems with managing radioactive nuclear waste. The nuclear energy is generated inside nuclear reactors which work on the principle of nuclear fission.

Nuclear Fission is the process in which energy gets generated by the splitting of uranium atoms. At a typical nuclear plant, the fission process is used to generate heat for producing steam, which is used in-turn by a turbine to generate electricity. Nuclear energy can be produced in two different ways, in one; large nuclei are split to release energy (fission). In the other method, small nuclei are combined to release energy (fusion). It is produced naturally (fusion inside stars and sun) and in man-made nuclear plants (fission inside nuclear reactors) under human control. Experts point out that there are several advantages and disadvantages with nuclear power generation and management.

Nuclear power presents a low cost, cleaner alternative to fossil fuel. It generates large amount of energy from small amount of matter. Thus the operating costs are low. More over there is no greenhouse gas emissions. The fear of nuclear accidents is often stated as a disadvantage of nuclear power. Working in these types of nuclear power plants is much more dangerous than working in another sort of energy plant because it produces radioactive rays. Radioactive nuclear waste is difficult to dispose of as it needs to be stored safely for long periods of time. Energy experts say that countries with large energy needs need to consider nuclear energy because of its advantages. They say that the disadvantages associated with nuclear plants need to be managed very carefully so that the risks can be minimized.

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