Organic farming is gaining importance all over the world

Industrial Agriculture


Agricultural industry enjoyed a boom time during the mid 20th century, when the concept ‘Industrial agriculture’ gained prominence. Several new methods of farming were introduced during this period to increase the productivity. New chemicals were introduced to make the crops disease-resistant. All these advancements were the result of Green Revolution that started from Mexico. Though, the synthetic fertilizers and genetic modifications increased the productivity, industrial agriculture became the cause of several health issues all over the world.  Overuse of chemicals and fertilizers drastically reduced the quality of the agricultural products. Such advanced farming techniques even spoiled the quality of soil.

With all those side effects, agriculture industry is now focusing on large-scale organic agriculture. The goal of organic farming is to enhance soil fertility, promote biological diversity, prevent soil erosion and reduce the effects of industrial chemicals.  However, an immediate transition to organic farming would drastically reduce the productivity.  Therefore, the industry is trying to create a hybridized system between the local farmers and large scale agriculture companies to make the current farming system more reliable and sustainable. The aim is to gradually convert the industrial practices to complete organic farming. This is never an easy task.  The farm workers need to be trained and the big shots, who have reigns over the big industrialized farms, need to be convinced to do organic farming.  Strict authorities need to be formulated to monitor the farms and ensure that no harmful chemicals are used.

No matter what impact such an initiative would have on the agricultural industry, local people have started farming organic vegetables for their daily use. The agricultural departments are offering great support to people who are ready to covert their balconies and gardens to organic farms.  Seeds of almost all the vegetables are available in the market today.

In our later posts, we will discuss more about organic farming.

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