Preserve Nature for a Better Life

preserve nature


Nature is the best friend of human. But we don’t have time to listening the sound or observe the beauty of this friend. We all are busy with watching and praising the beauty of artificial things of this world. Our ears are plugged with ear phones and eyes are on mobiles or tablets. So don’t get chance to watch the beauty of rain, listen the chirping sounds of birds etc. Nature is so miraculous that the things in nature are changing always, no matter how many times you look at nature, the views are always different. Almost all people have stress because of the busy schedule. Take a break and go outside, sit and watch the beauty of nature will remove the stress and you feel relaxed.

The things we get naturally are the gift of God, but we don’t like to keep this gift as it, so we are building sky crappers and apartments to live a luxurious life by destroying god’s gift. We don’t know the fact that without nature we don’t have life. It is nature that gives the most essential factors for life such as fresh air, pure water etc. If this destroying continues then our future generations don’t get a chance to enjoy the natural thing we have now.  Not only human but all other living things need these essential factors for life.

Destroying nature also affects the life of living things badly. Some living things became endangered and some other is facing threats from human. For our next generation, for living things, mainly for us we should preserve this nature. Don’t destroy or damage natural thing for building artificial thing. Plant more trees, protect the rivers and ponds, use Eco-friendly products etc are some simple acts to care nature. Every people is responsible to protect the nature.

Later posts will provide detailed articles on nature.

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