Recycling- Demand of the future



Have you ever thought of the amount of waste you generate every day? An individual on an average generates around 1.4kg of waste every day. This results around 1.3 billion tons of waste every year. The amount increases every year due to the rise in population. If you ever come across the figure that will be generated in the year 2025, then you will definitely start to think about the term “Recycling”.

Recycling is a process by which waste materials are made usable. The term recycling has become an integral part of the 21st century. The amount of waste that is being accumulated every day is becoming a growing concern for most people. New recycling technologies are being established every year to find proper solutions to the accumulated waste. Some important facts that lead to accumulation of waste are:

  • Increase in population is one of the major factors for waste accumulation. More the population more will be the amount of waste.
  • People of the 21st century are never tired of buying The amount of buying is always more than the amount of need. This indirectly creates a lot of waste.
  • New technologies in regards to packaging of commodities that is non-degradable. This ultimately leads to creation of additional waste.

Serious impact on the nature is resulting from these wastes. Harmful chemicals from landfills can cause diseases that are almost non treatable. The wastes also spread Greenhouse gases that are the leading factor in Global warming. The natural habitats of the animals, especially aquatic species are being affected on a large scale.

Does our future deserve the waste that we accumulate? Recycling is necessary and important to a clean future.

The following post will be focused on the other aspects of Recycling.

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