Silent Trade- Trading System of the unknown world

silent trade

On hearing the term trade, the one thing that comes to our mind is the exchange of goods between two parties. We are all accustomed to the process of trading that involves exchange of any kind of goods in return for money. The trading system has been on the evolution since the ancient times which involved one kind of commodity in exchange for another kind of commodity. This system was referred by the name of “Barter System”. With time the exchange brought the use of money.

Silent trade is a concept of the ancient times. This system has been in use since the times of 300 A.D. The first silent trades were done between the Carthaginians and the Africans of the western coast. It slowly spread to countries like Siberia, Sri Lanka, Timor, India, Lapland and New Guinea.

The Silent trading system is an important concept in areas where language is a barrier. The system helps people from different countries to communicate using an indirect form of trading system known as the “Silent Trading System.”

One typical trading system that is unknown to most people is “Silent Trade”. In this particular trading system exchange of goods take place between traders without any kind of direct contact. A peculiar process is followed in this trading system. The first trader deposits the necessary goods and send a signal for the trader in the other end. The second trader receives the call and responds by checking the goods. After proper inspection he leaves a note for the first trader. This note contains information of any further additions required to the present goods. The first trader checks the note and makes necessary additions. After the final call the second trader withdraws the goods.

In the future posts we will highlight other aspects of trade.


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