Understanding the Power of an Effective Advertisement

Advertising is a form of communication from an organization used to persuade the target audience to take some action with respect to a commercial offering. Advertising transmits usually through the various types of paid media such as TV, radio, print ads, billboards, product placement etc. Advertisers have the right to choose the media, which has the largest reach and most relevant audience. Profit making organizations use advertising to increase the consumption of their product. While the non-profit organizations place their ads to increase the awareness and make some changes in the perception or behavior. The aim of advertising should be reach your product or service to the largest audience and attract new customers


Tips to create a better advertisement

The following points will provide more insight to create an effective advertisement:

  • The advertiser should know what kind of audience you want to focus and make sure that your advertisement communicates them on a personal level. The client should have a sound strategy about the brand based on facts. The client also can set precise communication objectives for advertising and he should know the role of advertising in the available marketing condition.
  • If creative executions are developed against the advertising strategy, pretesting among the members of the target audience is inevitable for the success of advertising. Pretesting provides a reliable and effective feedback that helps agency and client alike to improve. Long-term availability of advertising message is essential to increase the effectiveness. 
  • There is no perfect system for pretesting of advertisements. Some pretesting measures are better than others. So try to use one system consistently. It will help to learn how to interpret the results of pretesting measures. The feedback or result will facilitates the advertisers to improve the quality of advertisements. The testing of commercial advertisements provides you more assurance that your advertisement is successful.
  • Use the end result of pretesting as a guide to enhance your advertisements. Analyze all of the open-ended questions and make sure you understand the taste of your audience. The main goal of the advertisement is that the advertiser and the agency want to make continuous changes to the advertisement. This shows that every stages of execution need to be tested based on the feedback from the target audience.  
  • The ultimate aim of testing is the success of an advertisement. For developing an effective advertisement, to identify the essential elements for advertising effectiveness and make sure that these elements are constantly communicated by every stage of execution.

Advertising has the power to change somebody’s mind and shape the destiny. It has the capability to change the marketing conditions and increase demand for the specific product or service. The long-term advertisements can create a drastic change in the market conditions available for your product and service. The short-term advertisements are also effective and most of these advertisements are used mainly to create awareness, to convey new information and to enhance credibility.

The upcoming post will be on the barriers to effective marketing.

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